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Creationist fantasies

January 20, 2010

Vanity Fair has a short article about the Creation Museum near Cincinnati. The article is not at all insightful, but when you read about creationists who believe that fire-breathing dinosaurs survived into the Middle Ages, you’re struck hard by the fact these people are quite literally just making things up. Pseudoscience should at least be principled pseudoscience. It’s one thing to believe the Bible is inerrant, all scientific evidence to the contrary. It’s another thing to believe that plus a bunch of other things that are consistent with the Bible (i.e. fail to contradict it) but have no basis in science or indeed in the Bible itself. The Bible may be the product of fantasy, but nowhere does it license fantasy as way to answer those questions, like the fate of the dinosaurs or the number of animals on the ark, on which it is simply silent.

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