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Animatronic love

December 5, 2010

Your average internet-age mash-up aims to short-circuit the viewer’s brain.  There is a momentary jolt of recognition, then the smell of burnt-out neurons.  Now that little brain fissure can’t be used for anything else.  The connections, melted, return to their Pavlovian function.  You can no longer think of Pride and Prejudice without thinking of zombies–LOL.  The internet is full of things that can’t be unseen or unthought.

But this, this is some modern-day demonological conjuration in the same league as seeing infants speak and watching film of your grandparents doing heroic, sexy things before you were born.  The savage midbrain does not know whether to laugh or strike out in terror.

That song is exactly what those beings would be singing if they had aged along with the children they were created for in the 1980s.

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