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January 10, 2010

1.  I  had no idea there were so many kinds of leopards: Amur, Arabian, Indian, Indo-chinese, North Chinese, Persian, Sri Lankan.

2.  Olentzero, the Basque Santa Claus.

3.  Liquidators

detail of liquidator medal(Photo by wikipedia user Lamiot, made available under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License)

4.  Benandanti:

The Benandanti, which included both male and female members, were a small group of Shamanic witches that ensured the protection of the crops and villagers. Unlike most other occult organizations, the Benandanti were born, not made: only children born with “the caul,” or the amniotic sac partially covering their face were destined to join the ranks of the Benandanti.

5.  War Pig, the answer to the War Elephant.

6.  Trial by Ordeal:

Indeed, the term ordeal itself, Old English ordǣl, has the meaning of “judgment, verdict” (German Urteil, Dutch oordeel), from Proto-Germanic *uzdailjam “that which is dealt out”.

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